Medical emergencies & Out-of-hours care in Germany

Medical emergencies & Out-of-hours care in Germany

Depending on the seriousness of your emergency, there are several different numbers you can call in Germany.

What to do in case of medical emergency

In the case of a serious medical emergency, phone 112 for an ambulance. At the hospital, the emergency department (A&E department) is known as the Notaufnahme.  

Out-of-hours medical care

If you require medical assistance out-of-hours (e.g. if you are unwell, but not in need of an ambulance), try calling your doctor (GP) in the first instance. They will usually have an answering machine message giving the contact details of the on-call doctor.

Alternatively, you can call 116 117 for a non-emergency doctor on call. This number works all over Germany. The helpline is open round the clock, including evenings, weekends and public holidays. You can also visit the 116117 website to find a local surgery that offers emergency services.

Emergency pharmacies

If you urgently need medication or a prescription, you can find an emergency pharmacy by calling 0800 002 28 33 from a landline or 22 8 33 from a mobile (calls cost up to 69 cents per minute). Most towns and cities also have an emergency pharmacy that operates outside of normal working hours.

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