How an MBA can help expats reinvent their life and career overseas

How an MBA can help expats reinvent their life and career overseas


ESMT Berlin presents an ideal environment for expats in Europe seeking to either jump-start, accelerate, or reinvent their careers. Here’s how an MBA from ESMT Berlin sets graduates up for success. 

Jumpstart, accelerate or reinvent your career with an MBA from ESMT Berlin

Feeling stuck?

Whether you’re currently an expat living in Germany or elsewhere in Europe, or have plans to relocate, you may have found that your career goals and aspirations are blocked by obstacles that you are not equipped to overcome.

Perhaps you’re just focused on establishing yourself in a new country, or switching to a new role in a target industry. You might want to improve your skills and expand your network to help you secure a role in an influential multinational organisation or a successful startup, or you might be a senior executive looking to fortify your knowledge and equip yourself for changing markets and new technologies.

An MBA will help you with all these goals

Located in the heart of Berlin, ESMT offers a range of MBA programs to suit professionals at different stages of their careers with different priorities and goals. 

Regardless of which you choose, ESMT’s programs - characterised by highly international classes, integrated internships, global immersion opportunities, and collaboration with multinational corporations, startups and NGOs - will equip you with real-world experience and a practical understanding of global business challenges.

“ESMT changed me from a heads-down employee locked to a fixed career ladder to who I am today ... ESMT coached me to be entrepreneurial in every endeavour, which has made not just my career but my whole life much more enjoyable and purposeful.” - Moneef Barakat - Full-time MBA alumnus, CEO of Solarabic, and Founder of Cleantech Terra

Part-time and online MBA programs

Not interested in quitting your current role and becoming a full-time student? Then study as a part-time student or enrol in ESMT Berlin’s fully-remote online MBA.

Part-time MBA

Develop your management skills and prepare for the challenges of the future with courses on innovation and transformation that will help you succeed in the changing world of business.

Balance your personal life and existing job with your MBA journey. With the Part-time MBA at ESMT, you will study remotely for 75% of the course and attend 14 in-person residencies for the other 25%. 

Over the two-year program you will only need to spend 28 days away from the office, and you’ll be able to start applying what you learn straight away in your current role. The Part-time MBA is ideal for expats who cannot leave their role to study but require the skills and network that an MBA delivers to reach the next step of their career.

Global Online MBA

For those that cannot relocate or travel to Berlin for in-person residencies, the Global Online MBA offers the opportunity to study at one of Europe’s leading business schools from anywhere in the world. 

The immersive program covers general management, technology and innovation, with in-person electives available to those that are interested. Powered by innovative learning platforms that enable online collaboration, network building and peer-to-peer learning, the Global Online MBA offers a flexible learning journey, where you can study at your own pace, at times that suit you.

Full-time MBA

Want to immerse yourself fully in your learning journey and lay the ground for a reinvention of your career? The Full-time MBA is perfect for you.

For starters, you’ll be basing yourself in Europe’s startup capital, at the heart of the world’s third largest economy with access to a thriving business ecosystem and a vast network of partner organisations.

During the program you can choose to focus on managerial analytics, or develop intra- and entrepreneurial skills in addition to core courses focused on management and strategy. In addition to this, you will benefit from diverse classes, with students coming from a wide array of countries, allowing you to build a professional network that spans industries, countries and different areas of expertise.

Executive MBA

Perhaps you’re an experienced executive that wants to keep up with the latest industry trends, technological changes and innovations.

ESMT’s EMBA offers a comprehensive program that prepares senior leaders for the challenges of general management by combining academic training with leadership development, through 10 modules spread over 18 months.

You will have time between each in-person module to apply the new insights and skills you have learned, and in the program’s final project, will be tasked with solving an ongoing challenge at your organisation.

A transformative experience at ESMT Berlin

For expats looking to make significant career shifts or to enhance their impact in new markets, ESMT Berlin offers not just education but a transformative experience that integrates academic rigour with comprehensive career support and personal development initiatives.

Want to turn your expat community into a powerful professional network? Then make sure to meet ESMT Berlin at the IamExpat Fair in Berlin on June 8!



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