Germany ranked one of the best countries in the world for higher education

Germany ranked one of the best countries in the world for higher education

Students from all over the world have ranked Germany as one of the best countries globally for higher education. The survey revealed that Berlin is the best city in Germany for students, while the University of Munich was voted the country’s best university.

German universities rated highly by students worldwide

Students worldwide have rated Germany as one of the best places to study in the world, despite most universities still not charging any tuition fees. A study conducted by student review site The Campus Advisor last year asked 17.824 students from all over the world to consider the countries they received their degrees in.

Students were asked to give a one to five rating in six different categories: Quality of Education, Cost of Living as a Student, Graduate Career Prospects, Student Diversity, Arts and Culture, and Social Life. The scores were then used to determine the top 20 countries for higher education in 2022.

Germany placed fourth in the rankings, receiving an average score of 4,41 out of five. Both the German capital and the Bavarian capital were highly rated by students. Berlin was voted as the best student city for 2022, whilst Munich boasts the country’s best university: Ludwig Maximilian University.

Germany offers graduates great career prospects

The federal republic received its highest scores in the Graduate Career Prospects category (4,79). However, Germany’s famous nightlife and its myriad of sights and attractions were also particularly popular with students, helping it score 4,77 in the Social Life category and 4,71 in the Arts and Culture category. These scores saw Germany rank second in the world for Arts and Culture and third for Social Life.

Only the US (4,55), the UK (4,51) and Australia (4,48) ranked above Germany. Germany beat out a number of countries that are world-renowned for their universities, including the Netherlands, which ranked ninth and Switzerland, which ranked sixth.

The 10 best countries in the world for higher education

The 10 best countries for higher education worldwide, according to The Campus Advisor’s survey, are:

  1. United States
  2. United Kingdom
  3. Australia
  4. Germany
  5. Ireland
  6. Switzerland
  7. Canada
  8. Denmark
  9. The Netherlands
  10. France

You can check out The Campus Advisor website for the full ranking and more information on the countries’ best cities and universities.

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