Develop your skills from home with these online courses

Develop your skills from home with these online courses

Online courses are taking the spotlight at the moment, as people all around the world have been ushered indoors to help prevent further spread of coronavirus. Are you in quarantine and wishing you could put this extra time to good use? Online courses provide you with a productive way to spend this seemingly monotonous quarantine period, and there are so many to choose from!

Language courses in Germany

Fancy learning a language? IamExpat can recommend a broad range of language classes based in Germany, teaching both German and English, as well as other languages, for instance, Lingoda (see below).

Some language schools in Germany have moved their courses online. For those that haven't, perhaps it's something to bookmark for future reference when the corona mayhem is behind us. Check them out!

Online courses in diverse subjects for remote learning

There are numerous platforms around world that offer courses online in a plethora of fields and at a very high level. Here are some online courses:


Coursera offers over 3.800 courses from some of the world’s top universities, institutes of technology and companies. From IT and computer science to business and marketing, and even a course called “Learning how to learn”, there’s no shortage of these strikingly varied courses.

In these uncertain times of COVID-19, Coursera and its partners in Coursera for Campus are offering free courses to university students. Check out the details on the Coursera website.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is an online platform that offers high-quality video courses and tutorials for professionals in a variety of fields. Originally founded as, it was renamed and re-branded as LinkedIn Learning after LinkedIn subsequently bought the company in 2015. It is now seen as a branch / add-on to the well-known and widely used professional networking platform.

You can choose from multiple disciplines: from business analytics and strategy to digital marketing, and from photography and graphic design to full-stack web development.


Crossculture2go is a unique platform that offers videos, eLearning courses and coaching for professionals around the world. However, rather than the typical skill-enhancement courses one would expect, crossculture2go focuses on cultural differences and improving intercultural skills, which will help deal with a variety of situations in unfamiliar workplace cultures. Their mission is to make crosscultural support accessible, affordable and convenient. 

To make their support more accessible during the ongoing coronavirus crisis, crossculture2go has decided to offer a large section of their website – their eLearning courses – for free. Use the discount code FREECOURSE to start learning today.


Lingoda is Europe’s leading online language school. They offer online, live language courses for German with qualified, native-speaking teachers which are held online via Zoom in their Lingoda platform. Private and small group classes are available 24/7, providing maximum flexibility.

Byjus - The Learning App

Byjus - The Learning App is a valuable online learning tool in maths and science for school-aged children, especially for primary and secondary schools. Based in India, this educational technology platform is renowned for its personalised learning journeys, technology-enabled learning and engaging content explained by top teachers.  

It gives an outstanding level of support in maths, physics, chemistry and biology for all school levels. A free version is available with plenty of resources, and further perks can be availed by upgrading to premium.


Have you been waiting to dive into a creative pursuit that interests you, but were held back due to limited time or money? Skillshare solves this problem by providing a wide variety of creative courses at a very affordable cost. At skillshare, you can learn about graphic design, animation, creative writing, fine art, typography, illustration, UI design, UX design, photography and more.

Skillshare costs 8 euros per month for premium membership, or you can use the basic package for free. The free version grants you access to over a thousand online classes, so even if you don’t have a budget for courses, it’s a great resource.


If you want to learn about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) then Moz is the (virtual) place to be. An information hub on all things SEO-related, they offer courses like SEO Fundamentals, Backlink Basics, Keyword Research, Finding Potential SEO Clients and many more.

During this unprecedented coronavirus crisis, Moz has decided to extend their support by offering all Moz courses for free until May 31. Simply enter the code "wegotthis" at their online checkout page, and receive access to many high quality SEO-related courses, for absolutely no cost at all.

Shaw Academy

Get proficient in finance, design, photography, marketing, business, technology, music, beauty or other fields with Shaw Academy. The courses are given through video lessons and students can learn at their own pace. If you complete one of their professional diploma courses, then the diploma you obtain will be internationally recognised and credit rated by the European Qualification Framework. 

Sign up for an online course and boost your productivity

Have you considered signing up for a course during your quarantine days at home? Well, we hope this selection has helped you get closer to finding the right course for you and potentially your next job! 

This article originally appeared on IamExpat in the Netherlands.

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