Code Labs Academy: More than just a coding school

Code Labs Academy: More than just a coding school


Code Labs Academy (CLA) is an international coding school that was born in 2021 out of the global need for talent in technology and computer science. Whether you're looking to change careers, gain new skills, or launch your own startup, the courses offered, ranging from Cyber Security and Data Science to UX / UI Design and Web Development, will help you take a big leap forward! 

CLA is about more than just programming. CLA teaches its students how to work effectively in a team and apply their knowledge to real-life situations. At the end of the course you will have a complete portfolio to present to potential employers, proving that you are ready for the job. You will also receive a certificate that you can add to your CV, mention in job applications and post on LinkedIn. 

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CLA: 4 specialisations, 1 academy 

No matter your tech interests, CLA has the right course for you

No matter your tech interests, at CLA you will find the right course for you and your needs. You can start your new career after just 12 weeks; 24 if you follow the part-time model. The bootcamps are designed according to the latest requirements and trends in the tech industry.

Cyber security

The cyber security course teaches you everything from the basics to cutting-edge techniques that companies are looking for. Topics covered include Linux, Networking, Penetration Testing, Cryptography and IT Security. This course would equip you with the right skills  to work in roles such as cyber security analyst, threat intel analyst, penetration tester (ethical hacker), cyber security engineer, or cyber security consultant. 

Data science

Learn how to manipulate data with Python and SQL, programme machine learning (ML) algorithms for image processing, natural language tasks, and more with the data science course. Topics include Git, Python, SQL, transformers for natural language processing, computer vision and more. Your future position might be analytics manager, applications architect, business intelligence analyst, data analyst, data engineer, data scientist, or engineer statistician. 

UX / UI Design

A course in UX / UI design helps you master the art of understanding users, creating seamless experiences, and designing quality interfaces! You will learn how to develop a product, perfect its user experience, and master design and prototyping tools such as Figma, Figjam, Design Principles, and Scrum. Your future role might be UX researcher, UX analyst, UX architect, UX strategist, UI designer, web designer, or product designer. 

Web Development

The web development programme will teach you how to code meaningful applications from scratch using best-in-class technologies like HTML / CSS and NodeJS. Topics include Git, React.js, Express.js, JavaScript, and more. Your future position might be front-end developer, back-end developer, or full-stack engineer. 

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Get into the tech world with Code Labs Academy

At the heart of CLA are the students. From the moment you submit your application, the focus is on your growth and experience. Flexible office hours, career coaching, and the course structure all aim to support you in the best way possible. CLA offers live remote courses, which allow for maximum flexibility! 

Through targeted individual support from the beginning, CLA offers you the best possible preparation for your job hunt. But what does that mean? CLA's Career Service accompanies you from the beginning: Before the course starts, you fill out a questionnaire so that CLA's career professionals can familiarise themselves with your intentions as well as your educational and professional background.

Once a bootcamp begins, there are two face-to-face events - an introduction to career services and an introduction to students' related career fields. This is followed by two optional career weeks, which include workshops and special days for individual career sessions, including career planning, CV reviews, LinkedIn profile reviews and mock interviews. CLA’s Career Service will support you in your job search with follow-ups and personal guidance throughout the process. Future career fairs are also planned to bring students and employers together. 

Free workshops and more at CLA

CLA offers a number of events to help you find your path in tech. In addition to free workshops in their four disciplines and a frequent newsletter, they also host events such as "Women in Tech" and have created a space to meet like-minded people from all over the world on Discord

Interested in a bootcamp, but online lectures aren't for you? CLA has launched its first hybrid courses in Berlin - regularly held at TechSpace Berlin. Contact CLA via their website or get in touch directly via WhatsApp if you have any further questions. If you’re already certain about your bootcamp choice you can apply straight away!



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