Why multilingual employees benefit your company

Why multilingual employees benefit your company


As more companies seek to expand globally, a multilingual team is now a competitive advantage. Adams Multilingual Recruitment, a leading recruitment agency specialised in matching multilingual and fluent English speakers with job opportunities in Europe, explains in detail why you need to hire multilingual talent. 

Supporting your international growth 

If your business is looking to expand internationally, multilingual employees can help you achieve that goal. They can communicate with potential new business partners abroad in their native language, facilitating more successful discussions and better understanding. 

The same goes for market research. Let’s say your business wants to expand into the Netherlands: employing a native Dutch-speaking person to conduct your market research is by far the most practical option, as other employees would not be able to access the same information as easily. 

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Multilinguals work more efficiently 

According to recent research, the ability to speak multiple languages is linked with processing information faster, multitasking, and effective problem-solving. Multilingual employees can multitask and work faster, so a business that hires employees who can hold a conversation in four languages is likely to be more productive overall.   

Increased cultural awareness 

Even if your business isn’t explicitly international, it’s likely to have customers, partners, or at least a professional network elsewhere in the world. Part of successful communication is the ability to empathise with others, a skill that comes naturally to multilinguals. 

If your company works with international customers, suppliers or partners, multilingual employees will help keep communication problems at bay. 

The solution 

Adams Multilingual Recruitment has successfully provided multilingual candidates for its clients in Berlin, Hamburg, Nuremberg and Germany’s other business hubs. Adams has helped find the right multilingual talent for roles in Sales, Customer Service, Technical Support, Operations and HR. 

Adams Recruitment’s international network consists of tens of thousands of well-educated, multilingual candidates who are looking for their next career move in Germany or the Netherlands. 

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An effortless, efficient, and easy hiring process 

According to LinkedIn, only 30 percent of companies hire a candidate within a month of posting a job ad. The rest take up to four months to fill a vacancy! A recruitment agency takes time-consuming tasks off your hands and does the sourcing, screening, and interviewing for you. 

Adams Multilingual Recruitment acts quickly and efficiently and only sends you the CVs of the candidates that are a match for the job and your company. Their recruitment approach is transparent, honest and personal.  

Saving time and money 

The costs of hiring the wrong person mount up quickly. Consultants at Adams Multilingual Recruitment are equipped with the skills and experience necessary to recognise the best talent that fits your company culture. 

The risk of making the wrong hire is reduced and Adams ensures a match with the perfect candidate who meets your expectations and will be a lasting addition to your team. 



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