Registering your domestic help made easy with quitt

Registering your domestic help made easy with quitt


In Germany, it is compulsory to register and insure any kind of household helper. Regardless of the number of hours worked or salary, private employment relationships must be declared to the authorities. In case of a cleaner, childcare, gardener or elderly care, the digital service quitt handles all kinds of private employment and promises a correct and fair working relationship for both employer and employee.

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quitt: All you need for your private employment in Germany

quitt takes care of all processes around the employment of your domestic helper. From the registration with all authorities and insurances - such as accident or care insurance - to a legally verified sample contract and the complete payroll administration including digital hour tracking, vacation calculator and salary payment - all in one web app!

quitt also supports reimbursement in the case of an accident, illness or maternity, and offers templates for the tax discount for private employers who employ domestic help.

How to use quitt

After finding a suitable cleaner, childcarer, gardener, or senior caregiver who covers your needs and whom you trust, you can register the employment within just five minutes with quitt. To register, you need to provide your own contact data, that of your employee and the terms of your employment, such as salary, tasks, and workload.

How quitt works

After the registration, you will receive the sample employment contract pre-filled with the data for your employment relationship in English and German. All documents and data are gathered in one place: your personal customer area. That’s it! quitt takes care of all further processes, and you can enjoy more free time and a correct and fair working relationship.

Taxes and costs

How much tax you will have to pay as an employer depends on what type of employment is registered.

For example, in the case of a so-called Minijob with a salary below 520 euros, the employer costs are around 15 percent of the gross salary. For a job with a monthly salary between 521 and 2.000 euros (Midijob) the employer costs are between 20 and 28 percent and for full- or part-time jobs about 20 percent.

In any case, you will get 20 percent of the total employer costs back from the tax office when you do your yearly income tax declaration - which comes up to 510 euros per year for Minijobs and up to 4.000 euros per year for jobs with a salary over 520 euros. If you want to know more about contributions and costs, check out quitt’s non-binding salary calculator, including potential tax discounts.

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