Land your dream job in Germany with CVMaker’s all-in-one career platform

Land your dream job in Germany with CVMaker’s all-in-one career platform


Securing a job offer in a foreign country can be a daunting task for expats, especially when faced with an unfamiliar job market. For many people, the job-hunting process might feel like a job in itself, leaving some feeling stuck. 

Let CVMaker help you secure your dream job

The experts at CVMaker can help you overcome these obstacles and achieve your career goals. Their all-in-one career platform offers over 20 professional templates for your CV and cover letter, a professional writing service, and a built-in job application tool.

Germany is an attractive destination for expats, consistently ranked as one of the top countries for job opportunities, with approximately 1,2 million expats as of 2022 and the third lowest unemployment rate in the EU at 5,5 percent, according to Statista. Let CVMaker help you secure your dream job and eliminate the stress of job searching. With their expert support, you can regain your confidence and embark on a new career journey in Germany.

cvmaker cv builder

Who is CVMaker? 

CVMaker, an Amsterdam-based career services tech company, is a pioneering force in the tech industry. It equips job-seekers worldwide with cutting-edge solutions to create professional-looking career documents. What began as a basic CV generator has since evolved into a comprehensive career platform. They have a proven track record of assisting more than 25 million individuals across 50+ countries. Are you next in line?

What makes CVMaker unique?

They give you access to resources and tools to make your job search journey easy, including a mobile-friendly builder. In addition, you can create a CV or cover letter in 22 languages, with customer support available in 19 countries. 

How can CVMaker help you? 

Are you not getting responses to your job applications? This could be because your CV is too generic and not tailored towards your career goals. Additionally, this could mean your CV isn’t readable by applicant tracking systems (ATS), perhaps because it contains irrelevant information or has an incorrect layout. 

That’s where CVMaker comes in; they ensure that your CV adheres to the latest industry standards while keeping it concise and ATS-friendly.

What services does CVMaker provide?

The company's goal is to instil confidence in users to create their own professional career documents. The career blog and CV example page elaborate on the importance of strategic CV writing and why tailoring your CV to a specific job will ultimately help you land more interviews.

CV and cover letter builder

CVMaker’s builder lets you intuitively choose from over 20 expertly designed templates. You can create, edit, and customise CVs and cover letters without having to worry about formatting issues. Once complete, save and download your CV or apply to jobs directly from the career platform. 

Job finder tool

Search and apply for jobs without switching between sites. The job finder tool allows you to organise, track, and receive notifications for all your job applications in one place while applying with your job-specific CV or cover letter. 

CV writing service

With professional writers at hand, CVMaker can help you upgrade your career documents, including crafting a personalised cover letter and putting together an optimised LinkedIn profile. Their writers are experienced in helping clients worldwide and have an excellent understanding of the requirements, which will ensure your CV or cover letter adheres to German standards. 

cvmaker writing service

Next steps?

Whether you want to craft a CV yourself or hand it over to a seasoned expert, CVMaker is there for you. They will guide you through each step of the job-hunting journey, from structuring your CV to tailoring it to a specific job of interest. 



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